09:12 v2 Day 3

there you go pal

@mafiabot lynch @JCrispy

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JCrispy has dropped the hammer on JCrispy

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
jcrispy 4 Vanilla_Town, JCrispy, bazingaboy, SOPHIE
vanilla_town 1 lwyrup

Not Voting

Matticus, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 7

Majority Vote - 4


in the shortest day yet @JCrispy is tossed to the wolves without nary a thought. @JCrispy was Vanilla Town! uh oh he wasn't a bad guy! day 4 starts when i say so or noon tomorrow deal with it.

jcrispy pinging and pm'ing me 30 times


@mafiabot kill @JCrispy

@mafiabot kill @Matticus

@mafiabot kill @SOPHIE