09:12 v2 Wrap

looking back it would be better for both of them to return as vanilla/has no special abilities and instead empower the survivor or third party with abilities (neighborizer/bulletproof/commuter)

work's going to ease up soon should i host again? i don't mind, jcrispy makes hosting not feel lonesome.

I heard @lwyrup wants to host a game.

It's another homebrew.

@Osiris It's in edit profile - add title iirc.

i guess i can always host another stock mafiascum game and we can see if people want alighttroll setups or tried and tested bread and butter

i think there's a badge or award mods can give out for it. he already has artifact season 1 winner which is more prestigious tbh

I know it's there somewhere.
Notice I just changed my title.

If I had known for sure you were survivor I would have told you not to lynch JCrispy. It was obvious that Asoul dropped JCrispy (his D1 survivor push) after checking you. He didn't account for that discontinuity.

Again, I couldn't rationalize the PR claim and I should have done a better job piecing it together.

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It's even more puzzling then that Asoul didn't open with a lynch on you since he knew he was getting some town cred for it.

Host should always give me a PR to kill two scum in one day to offset me inevitably getting NK'd early.


Good game all, very easy game win for me personally, I think I played 100% accurately.

Sorry about the bad Survivor play (won't name the player) - he seems to have won on a technicality but really it was very embarrassing.


Good game

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@Osiris Thanks for hosting a normal game without any game ruiners for once (except JCrispy.)


he was fine

Mvp granted


You lost idiot

I won. I was on the mafia team. I was carried by Krazy Kat