A Question

When will alightsoul do something with his life and join the 6 figure club with Casey and me?

  • Never, he’s a VIRGEN
  • Never, he’s a mongoloid
  • Never, he’s fat as fuck
  • Sometime

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If you click your profile and move through your threads it’s just thread after thread of you trying to put people down in unfunny and low-effort ways

It’s abundantly clear you have a self-esteem issue.

I’m sorry that every time I call you out on this or even suggest that you have a problem you lash out and spend weeks or even months making threads about me. It sucks that the forum has to read this shit. Maybe it would be best if I just avoided directly addressing you at all like some other forum users do.

Regardless I will dump this comment here and then make a prompt exit because I do not want to encourage you to continue making these awful threads. Find something worthwhile to do with your time.

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Alightsoul thinks making a thread like this takes more than a few seconds out of my productive, 6 figure day, while typing out posts like this. Guess when you’re an unemployed VIRGEN you can do whatever you want with your time

Here is the reason this thread went up

Ewiz has been making thread after thread insulting jdance (very low quality content - boring and uninteresting, nobody wants to read that) and tagging people in his threads to try to get them to interact with him.

Sadly, this one comment will spurn a week or a month of him acting all pissy towards me because I told him his actions are embarrassing. Just another day on the worst site on the internet.

Get a job lmao

Lose your virginity lmao


wow alightsoul is getting owned

Alightsoul your best course of action is to make a “your gay” post

Being gay is totally fine


Yeah but you’re still a VIRGEN

Dont reply to my posts faggot


Asoul is getting fucking annihilated

@ersu ban

Ban ewiz for making consistently bad posts

Just very boring person overall

Someone’s expressing frustration with their virginity lmao

Your sex life is far worse than mine

However I don’t really want to interact with you so do not respond to that