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Jcrispy was born before 2014?


Ironstove alt

Yes. Believe it or not @GEORGE_FLOYD was always like this, haven't you seen all the dates he throws around? It's his favorite thing to do... 2018 2013 2012 2014, he's the master of history - he gets to rewrite it whenever he wants.

  • he blocks Jcrispy in 2018, and Listens to Spotify like a boss.
    Been part of the teamspeak community since 2016.
    He has been a fan of evangelion since 2005, which is why he has that tattoo.
    Always been a huge fan of Osu since he was a young boy...
    and the list goes on...

Nothing worse than being a poser, a trend-hopper, desperate and weak willed - doing anything for a crumb of attention.

Unfortunately, he's been like that since 2019.

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Grpw up

You're not much different yourself. Look at yourself now compared to what you were a few years ago.
Are you sure you're being honest to yourself? Is this who you are?

We both know the answer is no. You sold yourself and became a husk, only to fool strangers who have no idea who you truly are.

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This thread is about animal rights

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Dude ihaev like. 0 idea ehat the fuck youre talking about

He's saying your brain is swiss cheese

Sieg Heil.


mad because I liked toprak more than him for like 2 years


Its pretty insane how animals have more rights than white males nowadays