Let's watch Paprika :^)


Sure ill watch with u

I dont really remember what happened the first time I watch

If you stream ill try and wrangle some Viewers

currently watching inuyashiki and i remembered why i don't watCH anime it was because japanese people are mentally ill and unreletable on any emotional level

fucking insect brain people

What its legit

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You wrote kissasian. Seems like a Freudian slip to me lmao

Its the name of the site

damn cartoon lovers dont know about 3d asian entertainment huh

liking kimetsu no yaiba so far

Dude in this anime the protagonist kills all of 4chan for making his mom commit suicide by trolling her over the internet this is actually amazingg

probably never watching anime in the next 5 years i'm alive

can't believe people actually stand this garbage

1/1000 is good, i spend more time looking for the stuff than actually watching

however at its best anime is love :smile:

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guess i was watching by myself, but this movie brought me to tears and its not even the first time seeing it

im sorry i couldnt make it i had a dinner date tonight at the same time. woulda come to watch it or atleast stop by. ill attend the next!

Mob season 2 10 out of fuckin 10

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nah, just enjoyed the movie eitherway

next one in 2 weeks sharp :smile: