Aui2000++ Day 2

thx for killing nma tho, appreciated

i am town and i think youre town too

not gonna bother casing because I'm pretty sure bazinga (town) epok (town) kkat (town) are gonna be down with with lynching murs or friend at least

Kyle and nyte are afk wildcards tho

why is murs scum?

he's the least likely of the 3 tbh

i'm sick of you and nyte saying i'm scum every fucking game

kinda wanna kill friend most today

and why am i scum?...

it's like i'm just your default response when you don't know to make up for bad reads

this is stupid

buncha reasons

don't think town you would've played eod like you did yesterday

don't think you would've locked murs town the exact way you did

lynch me idc. we can mislynch 3 people as town

well, town me played eod like i did yesterday, and town me locked murs town in the exact way i did

not even pushing you rly

how do you plan to solve this game? if you're town you're like magic in that I have no clue how you get reads and they seem rngy

if I'm to townread you this day this isn't how it's gonna happen

its fine if u cant find me as town but its not my fault at all

anyway the friend case: disconnected and not there for most of the day, his last thing voting yns seemed overly confident, and then he backed off when I asked him about it, and then just kinda stopped posting at eod.

pretty weird stuff. don't rly see how he's town doing it.

also was pressuring yns pretty much for voting up murs, and I have no clue why he'd be townreading murs like that either.

kinda got vibes he's the traitor who knows wolfy and murs are the other scum

he tried to unlynch yns and wasn't supposed to be on the final vc but he misspelled it unlych

I think I'm supposed to treat epoks shot not going off as like true nai here for everybody cuz even if he said he was going to shoot town, rb to waste a lunch makes sense

that said, don't think friend and murs are town rn