Bar Drama

SO I frequent a little pool/bar near my house and I've gotten on good terms with both the attractive bartenders.

Amanda & Amber are there names for now.

So for about 2 weeks they have been giving me the eyes (lust). Yet the two times I have asked them both separately to go out for a drink elsewhere or even food they have declined. It's not that I mind about that, it's the fact that when I bring in a very attractive female to drink at the bar and they are both working that night shift. They literally deny me service or pretend I'm not there or that I'm not wanting the same drink I get every time (which they know). They even go as far as to go up to other guys at the bar that are one and two seats down from me and hug them in front of me to try and make me jealous I guess? I think this was their panic mode for "How do we get his attention off his date and on me" or the "Oh fuck bending over and showing him my ass isn't working what do I do".

The weirdest thing was they were like teaming up to try and make me jealous, as if they have some private conversation after work hours about me or during. Not sure I understand, maybe this is like the school of fish communication (who knows).

So I don't know what the fuck is wrong with woman especially bartenders that makes them think they are so special and should have reserved rights to people. I mean they literally chat up hundreds of guys all the time on shift but the second you let them know you're with another chick they freak out and go full bitch mode. Anyway at least I know to avoid those two now lmaooooo

Woman are so petty sometimes

The irony is that this thread is petty too, but I mean come on ladies.

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You ever work a long shift serving creeps all day but cant hold back your lust eyes when that hunk numeta walks in

I dont remember if I ever had this tendency to jump to wild conclusions about women's behavior.


yolo nigga

it's like the equivalent of doing voiceovers for animals ;)


Maybe they're just priming you for big tips and have no interest in you otherwise.

I'm talking like, hugs the guy on the chair next to me, just to stare me down as they do it. They also repeatedly gave my girl dirty looks lmaoooo.

I'm not delusional, this is just what happened.


"You ever work a long shift serving creeps all day but cant hold back your lust eyes when that hunk numeta walks in"

I fucking lol'd thanks

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You should definitely confront them about this


you should demonstrate value by explaining to your (very attractive) girl what is going on with the other girls in the bar.

this is a day one redpill maneuver.

Day 2 is to stare down the other males jockeying for position and establish dominance

Basically saying hugs with the bartenders are not allowed without your prior blessing with your eyes

I mean beta males do try to stare at my girl but they look away when they see me. Being Alpha is fun as fuck tbh


stream the confrontation and get twitch rich

Confronting two bartender WOMEN

Offenseoftheancients playing Real Life

hmmmm maybe

problem is I don't know when they will both be working the same night. Plus I'm not autistic and going to be like HEY why are you being such a cunt.

I'd rather just record them being petty

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this happened

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no: [x]

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