Battle pass out

i bought the lvl 100 one and i feel like it gave me hardly anything i cant imagine trying to lvl it from 0

What's the cost to level it to 2000 and get baby roshan

Also: new avatar. Me, the MVP.

uhhh i have no clue tbh prob like 500+

Still haven't gotten my aegis from like 2018

why did u spend so much

A reddit commenter said the words:

magina w/ a vagina

And now I have brought them here so you all can enjoy them as I have

does anyone here even play dota?

Vote for the coolest fursona

Qop obviously

Btw 5m already xd

close boll


first image from valorant or what is it?

very puzzling

its pretty cool to have Skeleton King back but the fact its behind like a $100 + paywall is kinda ridiculous

I think the WR art is really good and the pudge concept is cool

But yeah QoP arcana is level 575?? What is that - 5,000 dollars?

its like $200 to get everything i think idk

prob get like 100 levels from just playing the game...

i bought the $45 one so i got lvl 100 so basically i can get to lvl 200 and wk arcana is lvl 375.. thanks valve.

how did valve manage to start the battle pass idea then fuck it up. i think most other games make it AT LEAST possible to get all the rewards, u gotta grind it but its possible

Yeah and the main reason I bought it last year was for TI, which isn't happening any time soon.

But think about it. Any arcana is 30-60 bucks anyway, so add your bp and then a 30 for every arcana and it explains itself. The trickery is that you have to buy them all to get the last one etc

yea i mean its "worth" it of course. but the battle pass is supposed to be "big worth" idk. thats what it felt like in the earlier years.

u get exclusive shit and u get most of it if not all for just playing the game normally. then it kinda became u gotta spend hundreds to get the things