Birthday House for Nmagane

Made this as it’s nmagane’s birthday. He blocked me on teamspeak and steam due to not being able to process the creative benefits of visual design which doesn’t really surprise me given his background in engineering (infamously an uncreative pursuit). He tried to burn the house down and then accused ME of griefing him. I think designing websites carried over into other visual pursuits.

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This is very nice! If you send me the IP of the server I will join and contribute to this project!

Just a little piece of feedback: I think if you had a garden out front he might take it a little better.

Here you go!

Turn Cortana back on she is lonely



also saying that engineering is an uncreative pursuit is the opposite of true - engineering takes much creative skill

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i think this is a nice house big benny, good job

agreed some good craftsmanship at work here, (one could even say, engineering?)

i tried to join it didndt work big benny

Thanks a lot @anon82208883. You too.

Happy birthday!

How can I burn this house down without getting caught and charged for arson

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black people always get caught even for things they didn’t do

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how cute :blush:

Oh dang. Minecraft server? Can I join and just made endless tunnels at the 14 layer?


This is not a joke. I have spent the last four hours on your server working on my “contribution” to benny’s project. I have gathered gunpowder, sand, and my wits, and mined a tunnel directly under your home. I am sure of the math.

I have included a screenshot of my contribution below.

I think you understand where this is going.

Here are my demands:

If you ever wish to see your birthday house again, you must cease your trolling activities on immediately.

Failure to do so will result in dire consequences.