Birthday House for Nmagane

are you eu trash or something?

He’s from Turkey

yea. im not working with him. ban him

I just jacked off again

I think we can write this sever off as a failed social experiment. In the end, the bullies win, and Piggy gets his head smashed in.

Krazy you, SCSF and others need to speak your opinion clearly so Roragok can read it

  1. Klaze’s vote doesn’t count
  2. Goy club isn’t going to vote in favor of their own ban

The votes that count here are me, Kyle, Krazy, SCSF, Orion, A2pas, Paine

agreed. currently staying on the same server is winning but the griefers are voting so its quite unfair.

thats like allowing the defendant to be on the jury lol

Also here’s this:

Several days ago, was polled, only people voting against starting a new server are the ones who are trolling the current one.

dan also said he’d switch his vote.

The plaintiff isn’t on the jury either.

Dan doesn’t play.

The opinion of the active playerbase is united and there doesn’t really need to be a poll

Just look at people’s posts in the thread (SCSF just posts Ban Goyclub, Start new server, and leaves) or maybe they can make those posts again

Nobody is trolling the current server other than you.

Stop responding to my posts I don’t want to read it

if benny showed me his base i would change my vote.

Give up on this troll roleplay and I’ll stop.

I won’t play if you ban me from the server

a new map with no goyclub would be virtually free of all serious griefing

minor griefing (prank level) is fine but when they go around straight up stealing things or exploding tnt in peoples houses its not even fun its just annoying