Birthday House for Nmagane

Well even then - having your base so far away from spawn is antisocial and it’s not necessarily a bad thing that you were punished for it.

This is probably fair to say however I still stand by my post


It ok :) If you want to get there faster and more efficiently you could try taming a mount.

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if i kept the title of this thread id put the word minecraft in it somewhere lol

The title is fine it’s about my birthday not minecraft

Thanks a lot for this birthday thread everyone.

For whatever reason it’s not accepting my commands I’d have to do a process kil which lsot people intems last time.

Hey guys- sorry for the delay. I have spent much of my evening putting out fires (both literally and figuratively) and did not have time to respond.

Let me take a minute to collect my thoughts and tell you all what really happened, as the only objective observer in all of this.


I guess I should tell it all from the beginning.

Kyle and I started the day with a terse alliance. I made some maps and map markers and distributed them to people on the server. We toured each others’ bases. Kyle had a large, very developed base with a major farming operation. Orion can attest to this as he saw the base before it was destroyed.

As of right now, Orion holds the only remaining map on the entire server and Kyle’s base is a smouldering pile of rubble.

How did this happen, you ask.

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It begins with Benny.

How he found us, I do not know. He claims he came through the nether portal Kyle built. I find this unlikely. I think he was looking for Kyle’s base and saw our names through a wall. Maybe he was tipped off by someone in the discord.

What I do know is that Kyle was very concerned about Benny. He did not want to invite Benny into his base and when Benny appeared he was somewhat distraught. I heard this in his voice and told him to relax; he means no harm. He is simply exploring and will soon be on his way.

Secretly, I wasn’t so sure. As you all know, wherever Benny goes, conspicuous accidents are sure to follow. We would soon be visited by one such accident, resulting in the loss of all Kyle’s time and hard work on the server.

I do not have the map. I was tabbed out and killed by a creeper because I didn’t realize it switched to night, and I do not have the coordinates to reacquire my stuff. I decided to just have a fresh start instead. Sorry.

I can attest that Kyle’s base was very developed and had a decently sized farm.

@anon82208883 what say you?

Hope he gets here before storytime is over. This would’ve made a good Premium Content post.

Also, I will mention that I told benny that the base was somewhere near Nma’s birthday house. He explicitly had told me he was not going to raid you guys and that he just wanted to know how far his base was from yours. I didn’t realize it was meant to be hidden from him, and I actually thought he had fully noble intentions. Sorry.

Was he asking you on the server? How come we did not see those messages?

There is a PM feature on minecraft.