Birthday House for Nmagane

You might be too bullheaded to cooperate on the namafia minecraft server. I’m glad you’ve returned to draining that well or w/e but you should also know that other people have boundaries and might interpret your interference as a negative.

The first time when you killed me? I didn’t.

The second time when I killed you? I had just returned from the nether I went in for the purpose of making an obsidian generator in my base.

i wasnt near the nether portal, why did you come to me? you ran past 2 exits to come to me why?

if all u wanted was lava and then to leave then WHYD U COME TO ME BENNY

all i wanted to do was feed the namafia minecraft boys. you included benny… you… included…

Me and Winter are repairing your base right now if you want to help.

when you showed up at me base, looking like a homeless man i offered up my entire melon yield for the hour. you declined at first, but i made sure you took it because it looked like you needed it…

I just ventured into Jones’ house and I found this sign left by @anon82208883

Can we bury this hatchet and call it even? No means no on the Namafia minecraft server

That’s rather sinister.

LMao cute

if benny rebuilds my base and gives my stuff back i will gladly befriend him once more.

truer words never been spoken xd


We’ve already got rid of all the lava dude we’re just adding the cobble now


From what I can tell @anon75925521 is earnestly working to restore both your base and your relationship. I don’t know why you’re being so stubborn to refuse that.

Last picture didn’t upload.

I’m not sure how nether portals work in this patch but the way I remember them there was often 1-way portals that led to other portals.

i am trying to restore this friendship.

i believe benny did a bad thing and that can be forgiven. if he promises to be a kind guy then things can work out.

if things are returned in pristine condition then i will gladly forgive and love.

I’m updating and looking forward to playing with All of you soon.

im very glad to hear this :blush: