Our investigator Jordan Brown reports that a shipment of N95 respirators intended for delivery to the Goy Club teamspeak were seized overnight by NKVD agents acting on behalf of the NAMAFIA moderator group. Said event occurred at 9AM~ EST on the contested border of the XYZ and Minecraft thread.

Speaking off the record, our intelligence sources posit that the stolen respirators are to be distributed among low quality lounge posters, notably those that have threatened to "leave forever" for the past few years.

The teamspeak Cabinet of Defense issued a statement that vowed retribution for the act of piracy; Shady Fam, acting general, declared the deployment of BASED ■■■■■■ 15 and BASED ■■■■■■ 16 within the coming days. General Fam also hinted at new developments regarding a hushed plan theorized to sever the state of Illinois' internet connection to HoTS servers.