Christmas Eve [Night 0 / Day 1]

Your welcome

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Guess I’ll join in in the fun

I use my sick pair of Rapid Running Boots

Roragok is now able to run significantly fast - Inhuman speed allows running away whenever needed.

nice im amazing.

day 1 bts

@mafiabot lynch ian

I will kill myself irl

I’m sold.

@mafiabot lynch @ian

I use coal on deepthroat

Ian tosses his coal on deepthroat - no result.

picks up coal

I was nice this year, unlike you, naughty boy :rolleyes:

Your coal has been shattered - it’s gone

goodbye coal

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Did it get deepthroat messy when it shattered

No, I’m pure and good

Are we d1 lynching n m a g a n e? Let’s go.

Christmas child reporting in

Is there a page to see what each gift does or are you supposed to just figure it out? I literally signed this game without reading and I’m taking my girl to some expensive ass steak house because she was bitching at me about being a lazy planner on Christmas eve and the only way to please the bitch is to overspend on food