Covid-19 in America

We are going to make a good setup

can we change the name friendo i dont like this one

ill sign, but change name

@mafiabot host

@mafiabot slist

Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks

I urge you not to think I'm a bad host.

Please check out my first game, which promptly zeused a goyclub member and then went on to be a very successful game.

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@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot slist

Signed Players



@mafiabot sign

Setup will be a banger. Jdance and I are having a meeting of the mind on this one

He's gone to fuck his girlfriend (he is the brawn of this operation) but will be back soon to give you the deets

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Great I’ve just been convinced not to play by your last two posts.

The second part was a meme, if you want Kyle I no play

The game wouldn't be the same without you nyte

The only person im not allowing is gamut

Well I no sign

@mafiabot sign

U shld allow Gamut

We will try to have a mechanic that makes active play important

i have not seen him participate in a single game on this site

i will leave it to a vote

  • Allow Gamut to play
  • Ban Gamut from game

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your vote is anonymous