CulturedUrbanite_OMAHA.NE VideoGame Selects.

He's not a programmer so he can't develop actual games like Willy_711 and I.

Well I have no say in the outcome of this. It just seemed plausible he would take it that way.


@fireworks_over_maynooth @CulturedUrbanite Down for a round of Dota?
Anyone else reading this is welcome to join too.

Seems a rather narrow list of invitations..

An open invitation for all members. I don't know if you can play from Japan with high ping.

Not the person I had in mind.

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@Vanilla_Town these reacts are supposed to be funny?

It's an animation hahaha. I'm animating the pepe face.

This is grim. Willy will not be happy to see this.

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Apologies to mr Willy. It's 4chan humor haha, pepe the frog is a cultural inside joke.

And the exclusion from the Dota 2 party is a cultural inside joke too?

I didn't know he was reading. I had invited him to the party earlier but there's no response.

He could wake up at any point.

Right now CulturedUrbanite and Fireworks Over Maynooth are not interested either.