Dethy Mafia Signup

Hbd dude, I’m about to hit 29 at TI too.

Thanks but it was a joke i’m actually 25.

Damn, I got tricked so hard.

Hope you enjoy your time at TI :slight_smile:

Looking to get subbed.

I can play.

Big benny signed first.

I was the sixth signee so I think I should play.

i dont care if the host wants to let you play im not going to tell him you cant. id just be subbed before the shitshow

Why are you trying to start an argument?

Dan out, benny in. I will allow both nma and benny because of the nature of this game.

Still waiting on one confirm. If I don’t get it soon, I will sub in klaze.

I’d be remiss to not say how excited I am to witness this game. In fact, I’m trembling. I will be watching intently.

Sending out night zero investigation results now.