dotakyle GAME day 2


@mafiabot vote insom

just to clarify I'm only doing this so we stay friends and you don't take your life

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i think the last like three games we played mafia hammered like every day or other day ftr

@KrazyKat @iaafr hammer

@insom hammer

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he died before I could vote lol

this is a terrible game throwy lynch lol

and yes I am doctor i just tried to avoid hardclaiming why ian for some reason is obsessed with forcing me to do

do you even scumread me? why would you go along with this

Insom is making jokes because he has lost. I will screenshot my role pm and get zeused if required

if the claim is between you and Ian lynching either of you and shooting or lynching whoever the fake one is would be gg

bro im literally the reason osiris, a mafia player, got lynched

if you still think I’m scum you are FOOLISH


why would Ian gameruin

@iaafr @KrazyKat help stop this madness

because he has a fixation on me

@mafiabot vote insom

didn't read

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iaafr has dropped the hammer on insom

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
insom 3 SOPHIE, iaafr, ian

Not Voting

KrazyKat, insom,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3