Faz's Wife Discussion Thread

Restarting this thread since it was abruptly closed by the nazi moderators

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Just picking up where we left off

Also grabbing these

Carry on. As you were

The fact is Humans have evolved in a way that rendered females useless.

Their evolutionary traits are outdated. They are living in a world built and ran by men only to be acknowledged for sex every once in a while. That's also why they're bad at making friends with each other. They know it's a waste of time to form connections with each other because they're useless and outdated and their time is better spent pandering to men.

I invite all women to acknowledge these facts and be happier. As a wise man once said happiness purely depends on one's own world views aligning with their actions. Most women i met who acknowledge they're objectively inferior are always more tolerable, fun, and full of personality since they've dropped the whole fake act of "equality" and "women power."

And i'd like to thank alightsoul for creating this thread and putting a stop to the tyranny of the only moderator on this website. If these actions by the moderator team persist i would sadly have to announce the departure of me and the goy club(yes nyte too) from this forum.

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Don't worry I'll be super lenient. Thank you for acknowledging my power as the sole moderator, and in fact, Dictator, of this website.

Well we all know the easiest way to collapse anything is to put a nonqualified , maladjusted, or straight up idiotic person to put in an absolute state of power.

Now that epok has finished the sidebar he had been working on since 2017 i guess this website is donezo. As far as it goes i guess.

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Good job turning the one discussion thread on the website into a moderation discussion

Just what we needed tonight - more arguing about moderation

Now the Goy Club is threatening to leave again.

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There is no real discussion on this website. It's worse than reddit. Half the people shudder at the thought of discussing anything seriously because their alcoholic father who listened to Johnny Cash beat them with a leather belt whenever that happened i guess. Childhood trauma stuff.

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Talking about women?

Thread close.

Talking about black people?

Thread close.

Black person on the forum?


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After the Plain Jane and now this I have a hard time imagining how this site will last more than 2 - 3 years from now. Even Epok, who has literally nothing else to do ever, is no longer posting on the site.

It's time to convert to a full-service t-shirt storefront before it's too late

Give me back my api key and I can have t-shirt bot up and operational within 16 hours

Woe is me. I can't see the lounge. Can't talk about dota 2 in the lounge. Me is confined to general.


@mafiabot buy t-shirt //buys a shirt and ships it to your doorstep
@mafiabot show price //sends you 5 emails about the price of t-shirt
@mafiabot shut down website //for the next time people try to talk about women or black people in an namafia thread

Let me know what you guys think about this design.

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Need a t shirt with slowdive sitting on a sidewalk with his shitty hippy hair that says " sorry, this thread is closed"

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Thank you :)

There can be no equality between the sexes until men can get pregnant and give birth to children.

Until then men will remain the playthings of the Amazons.

@mafiabot host

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@mafiabot slist

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Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks