Football Sunday

Nba starts in a month!

2-0 in fantasy

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Cant wait for the big sunday tonight (sunday night). Going to be watching the big game.

the big sunday is imminent

the big sunday game, 15th of july 1410

Big day today. We're doing another Battle of Grunwald


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Bronco country lets ride

Football: Not even once.

Family dinner time

Nice halloween placemat

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Having omlets for dinner

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Good fall veggies and decent meal but what sort of maniac puts the knife under the food? It is going to get your hands dirty when you pick it up. You may as well eat the steak with your hands.

once a subhuman poor always a subhuman poor.

Required reading for the football thread.

CTE is the institutional racism of football

have you ruled out that he was a r*tard before?