Gamers Thread

Talk shit about Haxity one more time and see what I do

Hint: It will be chaotic

im just watching ccnc dota stream and his facecam is the funniest thing to me and then he says something about weebs and i sadly reflect on how nerdy gamer culture and video game obsession has destroyed this young christian boy’s mind entirely

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no maybe he was always going to be a dweeb no matter what sucked him in

he was going to be a dweeb no matter when his parents decided to homeschool him


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Only gamers will get this meme

imagine seeing this 5 years ago

That woulda been dope

Radical heights was actually kinda fun ngl

a Cliffy B™ production

This was an interesting watch

read this aswell, seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen but whatever

Pence calls his wife Mother, some food for thought