Gamers Thread

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4 player coop but you can mod it to as many as you want

Gonna play it later

i called it early on this game took the right stuff from phasmaphobia clones and dropped the tedious bullshit

nice dude i had an absolute blast playing it with the lads last few weekends

Every time I see one of those horror game videos with people "comedically screaming" I think of that video someone posted with the guy getting notes from his neighbors like "we've never had sound problems with adults screaming in the middle of the night before"

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i bought and played this through, its just a in browser game which made me originally feel like i got scammed for $17.76 by alex jones but this is the guy who sells ultra male vitality so I don't know what I expected. anyways the game is actually funny if you know the memes and references, its not a particularly unique side scrolling shooter and its fairly short, takes about 30 mins to beat, but its more entertaining in a funny way rather than having great gameplay or anything.

6/10 buy it if you think alex jones is funny

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Glad you enjoyed that video as much as I did

I recently develoepd a habit of doing the YouTuber Yell™️sometimes and have checked with my neighbor to make sure he’s chill with it

I think youtuber yell is the most cringe shit ever

Basically internet created social dysfunction

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I haven't won more than 3 games in a LCI draft so I uninstalled MTGA.

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7-0 in like 30 minutes, format is dumb

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pretty accurate except spain being in the same tier as venice is confusing

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That's just the spain/venice tier because they vary wildly