Glow up 2020

I am v entertained

when you like a console so much that you gain weight until you hit it

You look like a console.

I don't but if it's any consolation my brain architecture is kinda like the PS3s

Mfw you say cringey shit like this

It's okay, I don't expect it to land for a IQlet like yourself

New glasses and after shower hair

I feel like I can pull these glasses off if I'm wearing the right clothes

you should get shitty glasses so you get mondo tips

maybe make it look like you fixed them with tape?

still taking lots of pictures of yourself i see

\ Quitting this forum until deepthroat, yns, div, LBJ, I’m King sized mattress for a bitch made mgtow and agubar quit the forum or are banned or are silenced. Or are killeda pedo amaplus sized us_virgin_islands birgen

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You must be in one of your moods iaafr

That's a nmagane post

just came across that thread in a random search

I thought you were posting a jdance post. I remember a time when jdance wigged out calling for some bans

bruh did epok rly edit my post to change the size of the text


gra ta ta

Yes lots and lots of pictures

RIP Bees

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Some good stuff in that thread

I’m still oppressed