Goy Club Application Thread - Now You Can Be Vintage Too

Tired of being a dumbass normie ๐“ท๐“ฎ๐”€๐“ฏ๐“ช๐“ฐ? Miss the good 'ole days?


Well then it's about time you applied to only the most prestigious, well structured, and historical social club that has ever been established on these grounds since it's inception.

All you have to do is, install OSU! And Complete This: Victorious Cast - Take a Hint feat. Victoria Justice & Elizabeth Gillies (Speed Up Ver.) ยท beatmap info | osu! on the hardest difficulty.

Send your successful replay to
/out/#7130 on discord

Example of a correct application:

====================== FAQ ==================
Q; Will my request be denied out of other reasons, even if i submit a successful replay?
A: Unless Extremely untolerable factors are present (ie: You are Dota Kyle) your successful replay application will not be denied, and you will be provided with a working link for the servers.

Q: Why Would I want to Join The Goyclub?
A: Great question. You can take part in several daily discussions pertaining to Science, Literature, Lifestyle, Gaming and Dating Advice. You will be permitted to join the Movie Nights, and full access to Chris REDACTED's dad's Instagram.

Q: Will this really be worth it?
A: That is for you and only for you to decide.

Q: Will this get me banned from the forum?
A: Will having sex with a 16 year old get you In Jail while you're 25? It probably would. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.


why am i forbidden from goyclub?

i would like to join

i will be applying regardless of your targeted action against me.

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i will insure the safe arrival of the goyfleet. i will follow this flag.

I thought you woulda gotten this when you signed up for the forum

frick off-- you're not welcome to this thread

Girl from Harvard wants to do a phone call screening feels weird man

Wait this isn't the blog thread.

โ– โ– โ–  if you move here we can go dancing but only if you make me mod and allow me to ban people from the site permanently "as a joke"

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Caveat kyle has to be removed as mod so he becomes bannable

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No way in hell I'm moving to [Your State] it's metropolitan or warm for me

It's 2022 and you're still trying to kill the forum

I commend you for the effort

What do you think of the women in [Your Citi]

Gonna play this osu map later it looks doable

Wait wtf that star ratings a 5? That doesn't look like a 5 map


To whom it may concern:
I will not be participating in this thread as I am silently protesting jones' return to the website

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Revive another thread I'm happy to protest Egyptians