I love pigs...I get my pic taken with one every chance I can. I love their ribs, the shoulders, back straps, and especially their butts! Haha!! I especially like this lighted pig at my favorite #bbq spot! I’ll be on the look out for one of these for my ho

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I knew an older brazillian woman who loved pigs and did this kind of shit. Awful woman.

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Chris… is that you… it’s been so long…

No this isn’t a game or a man landing on the moon…it’s the Kavanaugh circus! Unreal what this country has come to…God save us! If #democrats got my high school yearbook, I’d throw in the towel! Haha!! #unbelievable #biteme

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Fun time at the farm! Don’t judge me but someone said ‘Obama’ before the second pic! Haha! #lifeisgood #2dnamendment #lifeisgood

I really don’t understand the first picture. Is that just a lit up pig statue? Did this brazilian woman just collect animal statues?

i’m too high