israel gaza war

yOU mite be cool... you'll never be yatoro smoking a cig with a nato shoulderpatch while he's coutnry is at war with nato cool...

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i love you jdance you're like a clown with a rocket launcher

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Hearing things..

send out the air strike

You really expect me to watch a 4 minute video

I am busy

here's a shorter one but the quality is shite

The war over the holy land

Weeb girl gave me a maybe to hang out lmao its so fucking over for me

Maybe = no but i dont want to say no

Im joining palestine

The Holy Land is Utah

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whats the point of the share and whats this from

all it takes is for israel/iran to get into a shooting war, us gets involved, iran blockades the straight of hormuz to essentially put China to a gun barrel, China invades Taiwan…..

yall dont realize how scary this actually is

#1 thing the cia always feared was a shooting war with the soviets, in the gulf, set off by….. hostilities with Iran, causing iran to blockade the straight… forcing the Soviets hand..

this is their literal doomsday scenario except now fucking israel (who has nukes) is involved, and China (admittedly less scary than the soviet but oh Russia is already at war with a NATO proxy, cool), and Taiwan (who if they get attacked have gone on record saying they will destroy the three gorges dam, which would probably lead to China striking the US west coast directly for supporting Taiwan)

cool, really cool

love it when fundamentalist crazies get the most important spawnpoint on earth

all it takes is the wrong thing to happen and this can spiral out of control outrageously fast