Klaze's Use of Moderator Powers to Gain Tactical Advantage in Mafia

few issues here, and i’ll take the blame but they were still issues for me.

  1. you didn’t link those rules or provide any reminder of them in day 1 of the relevant games
  2. i had the rule thread unpinned from my end (did this when there were still less mafia threads visible on the frontpage and it took up a slot and was annoying me) and i had trouble finding it when it was pinned
  3. there’s just no verification that everybody in the game has committed those rules in that thread in particular to memory
  4. there is literally nothing explicit in the rules about closing or opening threads, nor can i find anything about end of day or hammer with respect to this rule

the rules thread is here for reference Forum Mafia Rules

Nobody should fear rules being broken and not enforced by moderation, I agree.

I didn’t think I should have to remind people to read the rules. However criticism accepted. I did it for the first few games.

i still can’t find explicit mention of how end of day / hammer should be handled and that only hosts should close threads in the rules thread.

I addressed it in the state of mafia threads. It was more just guidelines not rules that I just thought we’re common sense.

It’s in the OP of this thread

there’s nothing about the way this thread is written that suggests it added rules that would be considered in place by default

it’s not pinned

it’s not ilnked to in the actual pinned rules thread

it’s a thread i mostly skipped over thinking it was theoretical discussion that didn’t result in any actual rules being written

the only point im making is that roragok’s intention for his rules was never nearly as clear as was implied

Thanks for your continued support

I feel it was very evident, but perhaps it is my fault.

thanks for hosting the last 3 games; sorry for the headaches

they were good games. i doubted the balance at first, but the balance worked out well for how well the players on this forum know each other.

i personally had the vague recollection that you never wanted threads closed by anybody other than the host, and it was probably due to reading that state of mafia thread but then mostly forgetting about it.

it is understandable to me that klaze missed it though. my only feedback here is: when in doubt, reiterate. you could’ve reiterated the closing thing in the OP, or after klaze closed the thread on day 1, or after klaze closed the thread on day 2. i feel like you may have interpreted it as klaze blatantly disregarding your wishes, but i’m pretty sure he just was never aware.

If you didn’t want me to close the threads, you could’ve also sent me a message after I closed the first one.

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What’s this?

Its a tab with replies left to read in the parentheses

This is actual horseshit. I provided plenty of rules feedback, none of which ever got made into clear rules (specifically, I provided feedback about playing to wincon and posting after EoD)

unfortunately even though its probably the hardest path im still pretty sure the whole thing should be configurable instead of settling on one strict interpretation

i forgot how we talked about laying out the bot but i would just add a config object (ex: { lock_on_hammer: true; lock_on_eod: true; }) where the days are stored and read from it or the bot defaults if something isnt specified