Klaze's Use of Moderator Powers to Gain Tactical Advantage in Mafia

Also, when I locked the thread, I was actually sad that no one had counterclaimed me yet. I fakeclaimed doc to out the real one so I could NK him and have a shot at winning (if I didn’t I’d lose anyways). So you could argue it was against my personal interest to lock the thread whyen I did.

So what you’re saying is unmod Klaze and mod Kyle, got it.

Don’t delete my post ■■■■■■

I will if I want its spam (you copy pasting a page for the epics!!). And I silenced you because I don’t give a shit if you think its okay to spam its not

Anyways on the topic

The solution seems easy enough. Have the bot autolock the thread when majority is reached. Ill try and mess with ur code and see if I can get it working.

This is an annoying issue though I really kinda wish people could just lock the thread. Its a stupid juxtaposition that the most active members of Mafia are the ones who cannot do anything in regards to handling a thread. I can message an unrelated mod and have him close it but is that really much better


I don’t believe you have a say in this seeing how poor your understanding of the game is.

Shut up, retard

Continue not signing games thanks


being annoying about purposely trying to fuck with me. I don’t really give a shit

From your short-lived ban’s message earlier.

From the looks of it; you’re the one trying to “fuck with” me. I understand that being a moderator makes you believe that people care about you more than they really do, but please stop posting stuff like this whenever you’re confronted with reality.

Other notes: maybe after this game you d1-naysayers can look back and realize your rejection of d1 is wrong

We found scum d1, lynched a different scum d1, then cop copped the scum we had found d1 and we lynched him d2

I take very little credit for that but clearly d1 is an important day

Also observe:

Despite all Klaze’s whining about people killing him n1 when I don’t play, he still has fearkilled me n1 in every game where he’s been scum on this site

I didn’t want to kill you, yns insisted upon it so I went along with it

Yeah I figured I probably died for saying “YNS is scum” in like my first 3 posts

See, now that’s a positive and helpful discussion! Keep it up guys

Remove this post for off topic please

I wasn’t really 100% sold on YNS at that point I was more gutreading and reaction testing

Funny thing is I was prepared to consider you as town after your claim this game and this thread was going to be mildly different (just about how players can’t be making hosting decisions and it’s ripe for abuse)

Turns out it was actually just a really good practical example of actual abuse

Don’t really know why 317 died aside from bussing

Klaze teammates be warned: He likes to bus the shit out of you d1 and then lose the game on his own on a later day