@kyle needs to have his moderation privileges removed. Or needs to be told he can't moderate the forums, just deal with new members to spot Goy Club

How does this guy even have the ability to make this many threads

Do I need to flag them all individually as spam

I did

i just moved em all to spam

Way to address the root of the problem!

im handling it you dumb motherfucker

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Handle it by giving me mod

Way to share that you were having the same problem as ewiz by assuming I'd see your shit when everyones pming me for similar or other reasons, thought you'd have enough brainpower to realize that I can't just read your mind and that you should probably continue voicing these concerns and making them known instead of letting ewiz spam and not seeing a fucking problem with it

I'd be a fantastic mod in this situation. Much better than you. Do you want to know what id do about this?

The root of the problem is ewiz's belief that this is the right way to act when he feels wronged

Are you telling dan to go back to ewiz's childhood and help him grow and mature into a healthy adult?

And how do you think I'm handling that

Im just getting really annoyed that people here are beyond a quarter of their lifespan, have experienced what I can only assume to be a good amount of strife in their life, and continue to inconvenience others around them here anyways

i read your mind and timed you out, good call

@kyle sounds like a lot of people are being removed from the lounge willy nilly? werent you around when this site was on its last legs -- which thread remained active anyways? Do you think youre kinda power tripping a little here?

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@Roragok i hate to sound bitchy here but you need to involve yourself and be in the loop about these things if youre gonna mod someone

You mean the minecraft thread

Weren't you not here when the site was on its last legs

The minecraft thread has more than 10k posts? That's sick