MafiaUniverse Championships Candidate Selection Thread

like I mentioned, the champs games are especially filled with culture shock and people doing dumb shit because of lack of familiarity

it's unlikely you get a game with more than 2 mafiauniverse "regulars" who play with that culture max

Since when has Klaze backed down due to "shitload of effort"? Make me proud. I'm counting on you.

Preemptively stating my zero interest

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Iā€™m perfect for this role and my current job entails me doing fuck all for 8 hours a day (usually) so I would have plenty of time to read through thousands of gay nigga posts. Iā€™m also super respectful, not a troll, and would never use hate speech like our old friend dendi did


This might work.

You have my sword.

I like imagining an namafia dream team

The best and the brightest

That's no way to play mafia

Gets abused super easily too

When someone thinks they have a meta on u it's super easy to knowingly play against it

We'll see Ian

Wait until people here know you well

  • Asoul
  • Ian
  • Klaze
  • Yns
  • Kkat
  • Kyle
  • Nyte
  • Agubar
  • Epok
  • Roragok

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Vote for your preferred player. If the top voted player doesn't want to play we'll go with 2# and so on, also no one can vote for themselves

I'll vote after the game is finished

Would be best.


Also voting for oneself should not be counted.

I must have played at least 5 here now

Wow, considered worthy by Thingyman but not by Klaze...

I'm nominating myself.

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