cant; busy and havent even decided on setup

I thought this game was canned wtf im signed to 3 games now you dumbn erds

i will make this a low intensity low commitment game

Sounds chill.

alright i lied im not sending out PMs tonight my brains too broken

enjoy wintermutes game!

idk if 10 or 11 is better but ill sign if its 11

remember to use the bot if youre signing

actual role pms will go out tomorrow night

i just feel like complete shit today not sure what it is

@mafiabot sign

@SuPA @yns @friend @flopagis @vohiyo @im_cool_your_weird miss u guys

please pray to santa for snow. i have this pvc pipe i want to do gnarly grinds on with my board in my backyard. thank you