Name Change Request Thread

Hello Moderators,

I am officially requesting my name be changed to something new.


  1. Jenanda_Bollywood isn't funny enough any more
  2. Some of the lower-intelligence members of the community are having trouble spelling it
  1. I have received specific feedback that it is "the worst name on that website"

Please find the new name I am requesting on the line below:


Thanks for your consideration.



change my name to ComingToEatYourFaceNyte95 please

wtf yopur name was jananda the whole time??

janaNda??? that N was not there the whole time

I had dan add it to gaslight you

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youve picked a worse name

tbh I was a fan of the name except for the prone to misspelling thing

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btw would like a mod to reinstate my prince of autism title, as changing it to empathetic and back seems to have destroyed it

I'm sure there is a deep metaphor here.

i need my name changed too. ppl keep thinking my irl name is kyle when its actually theodore and that meme is getting old

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Kyle's alright

theGreatWingdingi sounds terrible. I keep trying to pronounce it in my head and I mess it up and im getting annoyed.

no capital T makes me mad. Sounds like Wendigo but its not wendigo its a random made up word and that makes me even more mad

Thank you for single handedly convincing him he has picked the perfect next worst name.

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I thought it was pretty funny when i saw the pull request notification on discourse from TheGreatWingdingi

It's even funnier if you imagine people trying to address me by it in mafia games

I would just call you alightsoul like I always have you fucking absolute degenerate

Alightsoul was another one of my stupid names - you are getting conned as well

You guys are all the subjects of a 6 year long joke in which I make you call me by stupid things

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