Nyte's Feelings Thread

I would post this in the Lounge but I have been removed from there on Ewiz’s request so it will be posted here for everyone to see.

I have been fighting back the urge to vomit every time I read an Ewiz post for the past couple years. I didn’t think it was appropriate to say anything but this has gone too far and this guy needs to be exposed.

Anything I share is the result of Ewiz sharing info either with me directly or with someone who passed that information along to me. None of it is the result of “doxxing,” discovery of private info in “The Lounge,” or other malicious behavior on my part. It’s just a stupid person who shares too much of himself online and gets himself into trouble.

I will not be sharing any personal info that would not be appropriate for the forum nor will I be sharing personally identifiable info in a way which might constitute “doxxing.”

We will strictly be discussing the content of this person’s character and his posts and attitude toward others on the internet.

If moderators feel the thread goes too far they can remove the word “Ewiz” from it and just title it “A Gross Human Being.” It can be about an unnamed person - but we all know who I’m talking about.

Let’s begin from the start - why Ewiz ever had an issue with me in the first place:

-During the period when I had 100% accurate mafia reads, this person had 0% accurate reads and a sub-30% winrate in mafia, making him one of the worst-performing, yet somehow most vocal, players. When I would point this out to him in game when we invariably disagreed on something (inevitably, as my reads were correct and his were not) he would get very upset and flood the forum with personal attacks. This is probably where the extended line of harassment by ewiz toward me started.

-He’s not a person who can drop things. It’s clear he has aspergers and is painfully un-self-aware. He also can’t let himself be wrong; he has to argue for pages and pages and insult people.

-When he came to the site he would consistently talk down to people using his academic record and talks about PhD stuff as a platform. It turns out he has exactly the same amount of education as everybody else (not saying what level as that would be personal info) and is just a self-absorbed prick looking for any flimsy excuse to put himself above people.

-In that time, he would consistently harass people and cross ethical boundaries, including doxxing LBJ and posting his info with the intention of making fun of him (somehow overlooked because LBJ just didn’t care), participating in harassment of other users who were harassed off the forum (like Goodnight), and seeking out information on people in Teamspeak and private Discord channels, where malicious and nasty people harassed and doxxed others unpunished.

-There was some stupid issue where I posted videos of Zizek (whom I really dislike to the point of finding him funny) and this dumbass couldn’t get the joke and posted about 200+ all caps insults over it per day at me in private discords and on the website. I believe he got banned for that

-He’s actually been banned several times from that particular discord channel for flipping out at random people, typing all caps insults at them, and harassing them. This is basically a person with no boundaries and no sense of empathy for others.

Actual meaty bits:

-he lived with his parents the entire time he was talking down to people and he did not have a real job aside from some random half-ass shit that his parents likely conned somebody into paying him for

-as soon as he got an entry-level job at a real company he started boasting about that shit everywhere with posts about 401ks and other generally distasteful shit

-100% of the reason he has that job at all is that his dad got him a job, whom we won’t discuss any further because it’s not appropriate and I don’t want him to feel like I’m sharing his info. Basically everything this guy has ever had has been given to him by his parents and he’s on here boasting about it as if he’s somehow actually done something good with his life

There’s nothing wrong with getting an entry level job due to your parents’ connections - it’s a normal way to get started - but you should be honest with yourself about where the job is coming from and you should be honest about your station in life. 90% of ewiz’s posts when he isn’t actively harassing someone are about how he’s the koolest kat in town for having a big, serious job and I have to actively resist the bile rising in my throat and the urge to say shut the fuck up. You were a loser for years on the old forum when you spent all your time talking down to people so you could feel above somebody and you’re still a loser now. A loser with a job courtesy of daddy.

His new thing appears to be the constant hookups with some trashy bartender. Let’s be clear that ewiz failed in all his romantic endeavors (once again, another thing he told me about) and based on his track record probably had his dad do the talking to get him in the door on this one.

Ultimately, just a very arrogant, disrespectful, and distasteful person with no real standing to talk down to people - but a tendency to argue, harass, and condescend to no end, and a supreme intellectual dishonesty about his own character and achievements. I think he is absolutely vile but I have sympathy for him and have tried to be good to him in order to allow him space to mature out of this. Unfortunately he’s harassing me, spreading a lot of false and malicious rumors about me, and encouraging others to dogpile on me, plus has convinced the moderator to remove me from the Lounge, which I was very disappointed about because I consider the Lounge one of the few places I can talk to people pleasantly and treat each other like human beings without being harassed.

Regarding the inevitable responses: I’m not doing anything wrong to Ewiz by talking about his character like this, he had it coming a long time. I’m not sharing his personal information or planning to share or use his personal information in a malicious way. I wasn’t going to say anything about ewiz and was trying to deescalate the situation but he continued escalating after we had moved on and doesn’t appear to be willing to own his part in it. I’m not lying about anything in the post and I don’t care if you think that I am.

Also yes I expect to be banned for making posts like this. It’s wrong to shittalk people and shouldn’t be invited and accepted the way it is on this forum. Of course, he’s been doing it to me for long enough without consequence (though he was nice enough to remove himself from the site at one point lol).

I guess I’ll appeal to the reasonable among you to look at the data. I’ve been on this site for how long? with no ewiz. Have we had problems? Not that I recall, really. Generally pleasant site. Well, Ewiz is back now, and he’s accusing me of all sorts of shit. I will let him have the win and give him a chance to prove the content of his own character and you can look at the results in a couple months. I guarantee there will be more to come from this wonderful fellow.

Just keep in mind every time you read one of his posts about his job that he’s gloating about being given something by his parents which he did not work for or deserve. When he posts about his academic prowess hes talking about failing to make it past the point 90% of people also made it to. And remember that beneath the surface of this person so excited to talk about the few successes in life is an emotionally stunted individual with little capacity for empathy and a strong need to continually reaffirm himself by putting others down.

Basically, he’s an extreme leech and loser with a compulsive need to argue & talk down to people and no sense whatsoever of what it means to be a decent person. He was bailed out by his parents after making their lives a living hell for many years and now comes on here to boast about his minimal achievements as if he had somehow accomplished something by getting a job through nepotism. He’s not any less of a loser, he’s just been bailed out, and is now using it as an excuse to inflate himself and talk down to others.

Another failed attempt at being a funny troll.


I’m pretty sure ewiz was the reason the old site shut down. I don’t know this for sure and have no extra information that you guys don’t have. But it was just a sense I got from the chain of events leading up to its demise.

Ewiz had been harassing Slithereen, calling him names, posting at him in several threads. This happens because if somebody disagrees with Ewiz or tells him he’s wrong and to stop arguing he will flip out. In this case, Slithereen was a pretty good mafia player who I think was pleasant to pretty much everybody. Ewiz, in typical Ewiz fashion, was wrong about some mafia read and didn’t want to hear it. Slithereen ended up being right and pointed it out after the game; Ewiz decided to follow up with a month or two of harassment, calling Slith all sorts of names, generally posting about him in random threads, etc.

At one point Ewiz had done his “run-myself-off-from-the-community-because-i’m-so-autistic” thing and was not signing mafia games. Slith was in a mafia game and Ewiz decided to show up on the site and comment on Slith’s play. Slith had said something like “You’re playing like Ewiz” as an insult to another player and there was some discussion about it in the active game thread. Ewiz responded by typing a bunch of insults at Slith in the signup thread and generally antagonizing him so he had to be banned.

This was pretty fucked up as 1. Slith can say whatever he wants in a mafia game and you don’t get to respond to it from outside the game. He can flat-out lie to convince someone of something and it’s not your place to respond if you’re not in the game. That’s how mafia works. But also, 2. Slith’s now stuck in a tough position as moderator where he has to take some action to stop this guy from ruining the game while also being in the game himself. It’s putting extra pressure on him and giving people in the game a chance to read his reactions and was a clear instance of gameruining. Slith banned Ewiz, Ewiz of course could not just drop it, and the rest is history.

The really sad thing is Slithereen was a good player who was generally nice to people and we lost him to that. I’d trade 90% of the current mafia community on this site to play with Slith again.

Just remember that Wintermute is just trying to “pretend to be retarded” here (in fact he actually is retarded).

Also, the ENTIRE time Ewiz had been posting awful shit at me (and it has really been a long time of awful shit) I have had the ability to call up his parents or other people who would care about him and say “Hey, your son is being an awful shithead.” But I have not because despite all evidence to the contrary I’m actually a good guy. I don’t do that stuff and I don’t respond to insults with insults. How many of the people here can honestly say the same?

And how do I know so much about ewiz? I have 98% recall memory and he talks about himself EVERYWHERE. At least one of the people Ewiz has now allied with in his attack on me would be told things directly by Ewiz and then send those things to me to make fun of him. Ewiz would spill out his heart and soul in the pit of snakes, people would send me that, and then I would get accused of being a bad person for knowing it.

Not even funny. The site got shut down because a friend of ours (that has never posted on the site and nobody had ever heard of) emailed J a long list of security flaws.

Ignore all wintermute posts, flag all wintermute threads

IF you would like to create observable data on to back up this post in the future: Try disagreeing with Ewiz. Disagree with him on anything and you will see his true character. He’s an unstable and deeply flawed person and, like many others, I have spent years walking on eggshells in order to keep things civil despite his continued harassment, repeated attacks, and spreading of false & malicious rumors.

No longer. I call shit like I see it and I am calling you, Electro Wizard, a dumb cunt. You’re wrong about things and get mad at people for telling you you’re wrong. You miss the humor in parody and fall for dumb tricks from people who mean you harm. And you are a loser and a failure (saved only by the grace of God and your wonderful parents, whom I hope you thank every single day) but still try to talk down to everyone you meet and never miss an opportunity to boast about your few successes in life.

And the jones flame of you was 100% warranted you’re the pinnacle of distaste in pretty much every area

Hope u all enjoy the discussion :slight_smile:

Next thread will be an indictment of the poster known as “big-benny.”

You do realize you’re a psychopath, right?

It’s not a coincidence that grimelines speaks of you as some “incredibly kind individual”, and then myself and nmagane (who for some reason, deal with psychopaths on a daily basis) identify “Dark Triad” personality traits that you exhibit.

Don’t call him that, he would take it as a compliment and feel good about himself. He’s just a pitiful loser - nothing more.

He’s most certainly a psychopath.


I look forward to the Big Benny thread

I flagged the OP by the way.

There will be none - he’s just trying to be funny. It’s immediately recognizable and transparent, everything he does.