Official No Nut November 2022

damn we lost some boys.

only 5 people left in the last 5 days of NNN

I nutted tonight and it felt great.

Blue balls are very painful to me.
I don't get how you survive.

SORRY SLUTS‚Äč:bangbang::pensive::jack_o_lantern: COCKTOBER‚Äč:jack_o_lantern:IS OVER‚Äč:no_good_woman:t2::female_sign::no_entry_sign:BUT DON'T‚Äč:heavy_multiplication_x: WORRY‚Äč:tipping_hand_woman:t2::female_sign:HOEVEMBER HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN‚Äč:ok_hand:t3::pray:t2: YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS‚Äč:eyes::pray:t2: LOOKS LIKE THE :poultry_leg: TURKEY :poultry_leg: ISNT THE ONLY THING GETTING :peach: STUFFED :peach::new_moon_with_face: TONIGHT :new_moon_with_face::bangbang: PREPARE‚Äč:crossed_fingers:t2:UR PUSSIES‚Äč:point_right:t2::point_right:t2: FOR SOME CUMKIN‚Äč:sweat_drops: PIE :pie: CAUSE ITS TIME‚Äč:clock2: TO GOBBLE GOBBLE :turkey::turkey: UP THAT SLOW ROASTED :chicken: COCK‚Äč:chicken: NOW :point_down:t2: GIVE THAT TURKEY‚Äč:chicken: SOME GOOD :+1:t2: OL' JERKY :fist::sweat_drops: AND GIVE (or receive :eyes::wink:) THANKS FOR THAT GOOD DICK :raised_hands:t2::eggplant: SEND THIS TO 7‚Äč:bangbang: OF YOUR BEST HOES‚Äč:women_with_bunny_ears::female_sign: TO LET THEM KNOW YOURE THANKFUL :pray:t2: FOR HOEVEMBER :clap:t2::clap:t2:


I cried twice today.


stay strong brother. you and i are gonna make this NNN a success


Damn even alightsoul dropped out this year, what happened??

I did

im filled with dark energy. Semen retention has turned me into a monster.

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Real milk raises your estrogen levels.

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It also helps shut your third eye

I moved my vote to "Out.." for accountability purposes but beyond that I am not at liberty to discuss


you can try again with kat and myself in double down december

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real milk? you never even drank raw milk so dont lecture me about its estrogen properties, especially when you drink milk nut you might as well be sucking a dick, they call em nuts for a reason and real high testosterone having males drink the milk from titties.,If you had any more testosterone in your system you might have actually succeeded this NNN but then again, you are consistently being milked by genuine digital succubus who produces content for the sole purpose of male arrousal and ejaculation.

Pray your children can forgive their mother and not walk in their mom's footsteps. Last thing you need to see before you die is another son or daughter consumed by a pornographic industry that your wife has taken advantage of for monetary and sexual energy gain.

You will never be a man because you my friend are consumed by lust. While im filled up with raw milk, I am unstoppable. You drink your soy and nut milk and wonder why your sperm looks like almond milk while my sperm is a creamy and white like raw milk.


itt self confessed milk drinkers

Milk is nasty

it really is

juice gang rise

However strawberry milk is a banger and i use milk in my hamburger helper