Official Trump Verdict Thread

13 users online everyone. Thats great news

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Couple years ago a new Canadian Indian from India had his truck bed raised. A dump truck and he hit a bridge fucked it up in Hamilton close to me.

These guys are buying their licences.

Today it happened again another bridge was hit with the truck bed being up. pROBABLY a Sinderdeep. Shut down the entire highway both ways.


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@SOPHIE is this a real thing?

Even dogs don’t respect fa gs

Werent dogs and kids getting monkeypox a few years ago?

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How would dogs get a disease from Monkeys? That makes no sense.

Get trolled cissy

@SOPHIE look how awesome the site is since you e modded me

I take venmo and zelle

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Oppa another Indian immigrant hit a sign with his dump truck on the highway today looool Toronto

This guy killed an entire hockey team almost (Indian trucker)

Ohhhh Canada