PART TWO: CulturedUrbanite_OMAHA.NE VideoGame Selects.

Zoo Keeper is a tile-matching video game developed for the Web by Robot Communications and later ported to the Nintendo DS by Japanese video game publisher Success. Zoo Keeper was released for arcades in 2004.[1] The game was then brought to American and European shores by Ignition Entertainment, and has since been released for iOS and Android devices under the title Zookeeper DX Touch Edition by Kiteretsu.[2][3]


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Merge into longhouse thread please

Zooo (Zoo Keeper) is an OFFICIAL recommendation.

The last of us fucking sucks

I believe that is all I'm going to play of this game.

I can't figure out what the prevailing winds are and it's hard for me to read the Manzu tiles. I beat Asuka's crush in the park, but when I went to go fight Shinji in his EVA suit I couldn't figure out what they wanted. I'm afraid they want me to win a specific hand, like a pinzu or something.


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New DLC for you coming soon.


Released Today - All games have to fill this content survey on Steamworks:

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ironic considering the totenkopf division got embarrassed by the frenchies in belgium

also isn't that just a more metal version of the jolly roger. weird considering it was around before the nazis in the prussian military

What the fuck are you on about?


weird to single out totenkopf as it existed long before the nazis and even suffered embarrassing defeats in ww2. "swastikas, ss runes, etc" would cover the loser worship just as well. probably just a skull and crossbones optics snipe

@kat flag up

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Clown era of politics


Stay on topic or I will ban you Osiris