Post Music That Has Significant Value To You

plenty more reasons than you’ve got im sure
feel free to suck this idiot off tho by all means… but consider if it’s actually worth your time

it is, i’m just trying to sleep anyway

sure slowdive is more pleasant person than you and he’s not racist

you’re entitled to your opinion rofl
and you must not be trying very hard
enjoy your sleep

100mg of seroquel i really am trying!

put away the electronics

put away your mind

might need ativan or zopiclone if you’re not managing
ativan is for anxiety but i’ve heard it works, zopiclone is made for sleeping disorders. but i don’t know you so i can’t really say… but yeah… gl


can u get me drugs that make me stop hearing something yelling my name when it rains

this song/video have significant value to me. ty

its difficult for me to listen to music with human voices because I start to hear them yell at me

it’s tough putting phone out, usually i text to people at night until my eyes feel heavy and im too tired


always knew jacob was a beta name.

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legally changing my name to Cockthrust

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God loved jacob and hated esau

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egyptian you are the only one that understands me

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fuck my parents for giving me this cuck name and cutting my dick off at birth honestly.


This is significantly less funny when you realize jones actually looks like terry