Professional Journalism.

I'm interviewing people from this forum live on twitch. Please come join me.

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I'd do it but my friends are about to be here

someone pls just volunteer im rly bored

You're not bored you're gayb

@jdance so u wanna be interviewed?

i think jdance would be the perfect 1st interview

I’ll settle for a jpants

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so who is willing to do an interview whilst im drunk im twitch?>

I might be able to do an interview in a bit when my friends leave

I am jdances interviewer. He is taken.

You keep saying this yet no interview

I asked you for your number you didn't respond.

The reality is you probably no longer even have the hardware capability

Would have been true a month ago lol

It would be a discord interview. You are not trusted with my phone number

What is your discord

(It's too late now this will be tomorrow)


You may be blocked I'm not sure

I am blocked

I am ian555556#4181