Rip my nigg* Mac miller

i saw him live and he wasn't too great. :rip:

we’re probably gonna have to develop a solution, wont be around for a bit of time. I got a few other people who want me to let them know when I know more about that, I’ll let you know too.

yeah mac millers not a talented musician or anything

just a song i enjoyed :slight_smile:

Don't turn someone's death into a way to spurn out as much incel related terminology at once. It's emotional repression through psuedo-comedy and it's sad. Say your respects and move on.

The song is not dead lol

My coworker said something to me in a disrespectful tone and if he does it again I’m going to snap on him

kill him


odd place to put that last sign i think

Where is the punch line?

It’s not a joke.

I thought it was a comic strip. Is it supposed to be like Garfield?

What do you mean.

Are your comic strips spiritual successors to the American comic “Garfield.”

He’s irish not american

This is why I need mod - to cut down the users growing spam trees in my threads.

I’m not american.

Your comic strips remind me of the work of “Jim Davis,” the creator of Garfield.

joyner lucas or hoodie allen should have died instead