RuneScape progress thread

42 agility


so why cant you do the canifis agility course?

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Need to kill a dog and i have no armor skills or gold. I only have my legs

go do holy grail and kill the dog, canifis will finish your full graceful

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Don't get backseatgamed by this absolute redditor. Runescape is a game about exploration and sandbox interaction.

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V Rising is a game about exploration and sandbox interaction.

Can you do this though?

What is that

This is coming from the guy with 30 quest points and lvl 90 stats in nightmare zone


hmmm today I will "explore" the right corner.... no no, ill explore the south west corner!

Maybe spice it up and sit in the middle haha!


If it is your first time, keep doing what your doing, but this quest is an instant 30 def level

Quests are gay i dont donthose

i have like 10 uncompleted quests and i did half of them without any Guides. i did the Entire Regicide- Underground Pass - Roving Elves chain without looking up anything you dumb ■■■■■■

play the game vennie

"I did every quest in Hellfire Peninsula without a quest helper."

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I've spent like maybe 15 hours in NMZ to imbue my gear. You have no idea what you're talking about you dumbass herbiboar fishing trawler minigame addicted ■■■

"I did all the quests except for the hard ones without a guide (all of which uncompleted)"

The hard ones? I did the mortytania chain without guides LMAO