[SIGNUPS] The Resurrection of Mafia [7/9]

@LuckyArtist @faZ

show us why you're the best mafia player in NA faz

I plan to grief the shit out of this game btw


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Yeah my plan was to grief ass


I struggle with low activity player base

help us matticus, you're our only hope

i may be shit but i am high activity at least

cmon sign, people will be more enthusiastic than normal since it's been so long

give it a chance

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For me personally I'll be less enthusiastic than normal. I plan to ruin the game


We can start with seven.

Most players I enjoyed playing with are no longer here and last few times I played were waste of my time. Plus I am kind of busy IRL, sucks being responsible adult almost no benefits. Wish I was single, living with my parents rent free and just smoked weed all day like my brother. Instead I got to work, coach 2 teams and take care of the house like an idiot.


Just need 5 more to start the game.

Washed up and afraid to admit it :wheelchair:


you should sign i have it on good authority this one will be a banger

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If I played, my gender pronouns would be she/it. Or sheit for short.
I've been called worse.

come on you pussies lets do a game

we can start saturday evening, do high activity game and be done by monday

lets play


Apologies for my absence. Definitely could've been impactful