Site stream - MILLENNIUM ACTRESS 12/06@8PM PDT

I am very disappointed but excited to see what other stuff you got in mind

No offense but Roragok likes old anime :sleep:

I was thinking about streaming mob psycho episodes 1-5 so i can make everyone watch the rest with me

next stream hype


they managed to fit bestiality into a PG rated film, an impressive feat

we watched it before like a few months ago.

you did wtf

Me luc Ian and some others.

god damn


It's good tho

yeah it's great, thought it was outside the typical nadota anime taste

We were weekely for like a month.

Did Silent Voice. Girl who leapt through time, Tokyo Godfather's and wolf children. Got like 10 episodes into Beck before I ran into life problems. Then luc died or something

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mmm, maybe i'll do summer wars then

or momo e no tegami

who's luc. Did eh post here


Nice, ill try and get some weebs to watch. Its a lot harder to pull people in when the streams unscheduled lol

4 hours to go!

just realised i only had the old DVD rip and downloaded BDrip now

starting stream with sakura quest ep1 :smile:

momo e no tegami in 30 minutes