slowdive thread~

also the cinematography in this one and sort of in t n biscuits is amazing.

slowthai really is on top of the game

Lewis Del Mar man I miss my bros

my dudes

2 new skepta tracks in 1 day absolutely mad



slowthai + skeppy absolute banger :fire: :fire:
this album is gonna be massive

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Need two 
tickets to 

weird flex but ok

That part at 68s LMFAO

Was really hoping skepta would namedrop Broodstar in that one NASCAR bar. What a missed opportunity there


slowthai is my brother from another mother tbh

tiny room 8000 miles away
crushing on a wasted saturday
now i dont have anything to show
i couldn't sleep so i'll go home, now it's a new year, guess I didn't notice.

lately you're the only one who can
make any sense of me and these pretty words always
making a mess of me but i figured you out now i'm
back in ohio