Ten Reasons why Artifact will be the biggest eSport title, ever

Why would they? That’s not the point.

It should be the point.

Why? It was a message directed to someone else in a 1-on-1 discussion.

He made a funny comment and you made a shitty unfunny one. Who knows where your comment went but I dont think it matters, the funny joke is still up

My comment was not intended to be funny - not a joke - and was not in response to his “joke” (Not a joke either).
It’s not a comedy contest.


That sounds like something somebody would say if he's losing the comedy contest. Hahaha

Losing? I have the most likes on the forum.

Must be a glitch or youre getting trolled

No it’s not.

Likes aren’t an indicator of success - they are charity.

Like: I see you could use some love right now. I will click the little heart.

Loled heartily at the above post.

Dota chess is a by product of the disenfranchisement of a hobby

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