weeaboo music thread

Can we go back to the caveman patch

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Let's try to get things back on topic

Mason '9 Tentacle surprise' Venne once flamed me for liking Denki Groove when he listens to Mariah Carey

Just finished off the rice.

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Only paid $15 for it at a warehouse sale :^)

wow mine was like 200 something wtf

The key is to always buy things on sale and if you are buying something in person ask for a discount.
Got employee discount at autozone the other day by talking to the lady behind the counter for a bit. Oil filter went from 15$ to 5$.

love yorushika!!

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nagagutsu wo haita neko (puss in boots).

I love how every member of this band looks like they're from a different band.

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can someone please report this thread a bunch so i have a raeson to delete this. i dont believe weebs should be allowed to congregate. if youve posted in here ive personally taken note of your treachery. u will be punished.\


well i flagged this

highly inappropriate

you people disgust me.

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those who've flagged me have exposed themselves and will suffer harsher punishment.

weebs are not people.

Your Mafia gameplay disgusts me. #gaskyle

at least my mafia has gameplay. u dont play. probably licking your anime pillows or something. u disgusting weeb

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we understand you’re having a rough time but lashing out on weebs isn’t going to make it better :smile:

ive always hated weebs. they defile everything

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