what actually happened with me and nmagane

I was supposed to make this thread as soon as I got back but I have been busy the last week. in terms of the money owed I don't "owe" anything. I'm still going to pay it back but here's the timeline of what happened:

-Nmagane wins sam hyde's Gum500 challenge and gets 500 dollar prize

-Sam Hyde claims he can't send the money to an egyptian paypal so nmagane asks me to hold on to it

-I get stuck when my parents are away with no cash and start using the paypal money on food (Dominos is the only service in existence that takes paypal so I ordered about 8 of them across a week

-This obviously seems shitty but I let nmagane know what I'm doing and he says he doesn't care as long as I pay him back

-Two months later I get a new job and tell Nmagane that I'll start setting aside some cash weekly and have it paid back in a month

-Nmagane tells me that he honestly doesn't care and I just need to give him money for world of warcraft classic as he doesn't give a shit about money

-I say that sounds a little fucked up or unrealistic but he is stupidly persistent that I don't have to pay him back

-I start saving cash for backpacking instead (which he knew about way in advance)

-We fall out over something completely unrelated and stop talking two months before the trip

-While I'm gone; he starts spinning the story to the teamspeak that I stole the money for drugs and never offered to pay him back(I coiuld literally get the paypal receipts it was all on dominos for the most part)

-The teamspeak (or just jones as he doesn't like me) latches onto this explanation and tries to make it a joke or truth

-End story audience clap shakespearian drama

Nmagane also is only on the site to absolutely burn it to the ground. his funny psychological trick iis outing himself for this being his motive but then convincing everyone again that he is genuine and legit just to do it again. terms and conditions catch: this only works on sites ran by retards

duhh i spent it on drugs

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why did you block all of those things out and why did you spend money on reddit gold

you think if I was going to do that I could just easily delete the fucking cell with inspect

Mm - you didn't take the money due to currency and transaction fees. When would an opportuntiy present itself where we could bypass that? The economy completely self-destructing? I haven't touched drugs in months.

We were friends for the reddit purchase and it was your idea to give some retard gold for a stupid comment. nice try though

the funny cringe lie

you were blatantly a part of it

So how much of the money is left?

not even close to how it happened

I also didn't screenshot three other pizza orders as I have my own shit in the payment history. It was 30 euro on supplements not 400

Very typical drug addict behavior trust me I know because I am one. He feels you will still trust him if he lies and doesn’t admit to spending it on drugs but we’re not stupid it’s clear as day he was using drugs

So more transactions? When will you show the full logs then?

still quoting the funny jones image comics - i can tell you're both still good friends. i'm sure that wouldn't be the case if he saw you pissing your pants over his pm logs though

i don't give a shit it's jones that does. didn't he make you promise that you had deleted them?

Benny you need to make amends. It’s part of the 12 step process of getting sober. I suggest attending some local AA meetings and obtaining a sponsor. I’m sure he will advise you to pay nma back with interest

because they were gone and I was house sitting

thats a good curve technique of replying to YNS after outing you as a shitty friend though haha

True. How does your parents home lack any food

really scraping the bottom of the barrel there

They had no food in the fridge you could cook? No canned food?