Whos the MVP Day 2

i mean not necessarily ewiz coulda died in this game and in last game for unrelated reasons lotta people wanna kill him

i see ur point tho

On an unrelated note; If the cop actually found mafia (and it’s not me - I am vanilla town or miller) then they should reveal and lynch that person.

yeah obviously

or miller??

It’s worth the 66% roll in my opinion.

You realize miller has been claimed, right…?

If the cop wants to play More Optimally then its fine


Did nmagane just out himself as scum??


shes referring 2 this

You realize the miller doesn’t know they’re the miller right

Let me find post

He Was Joking. It was a Joke.

Hold on what? I am fucking bad at this game I didn’t read that at all

It’s just a town that unknowingly flips mafia. Maybe the miller in other games is different.

flips mafia on cop read*
Don’t think he flips mafia on lynch.

Ooooook well I’m reconsidering this play then. I think you might be trolling worse than I thought.

Thats alright

dont think its better to no lynch today. and I agree with nma that the 2/3 is worth it, cop should def claim now if they got a maf result