Wordle thredd *spoiler wordle* thredd

I just approved your other post buddy


Wordle 397 3/6*


You can post more pics here now

Also I've missed you :kissing_heart:

Once again, I am the Wordle God. I am the King of Wordle.

Mojo goals

I think the thing a lot of people get mixed up on with Wordle is that you are supposed to guess the word. You have to guess the word of the day

Did this wordle with 2 of my closest work friends. It took us about 15 minutes to not get the answer.

We were unable to figure out the wordle.

I think I see what you did wrong if you want me to give you a few tips

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something about monkeys and lightbulbs

Asking your boss loudly if we are still getting drug tested tomorrow and watching reactions


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Getting 2nd place in fall guys same feeling as when grandma died

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You'll get today's wordle champ

Wordle 398 3/6*


Condolences in advance to our favorite board member

Wait a minute. Wait just a minute

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