Wordle 208 5/6


■■■ how do I make these show up better on the forum

wtf is that supposed to be your guesses?

it shows what happened in your game without revealing the word. every day is a new one and everyone is guessing the same word. this way you can share how you did without spoiling it.

the green squares are correct letters in the correct place, the yellow letters are correct letters in the wrong place, and the others are incorrect letters.

ah okay i thought you meant to submit with the letters

how can it display better

it usually looks something like this


the one I pasted above should look like this


lol I fucked mine up. will do it tomorrow I guess

Sorry for spoilers but this was a total guess and I'm impressed with myself I guess I'm a wordle god.

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I blurred it for you there's a button for it on the editor

I don't get it

green right spot yellow wrong spot black no char match

why tf everyone talking bout wordle now

It was made by the guy who did that The Button reddit stunt so the NYT did an article about his wordle game. That kicked off the popularity.

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reddit wins again

You can do the old ones here. It's how I kill time at work


nice this is fun

It's like jotto