Nobody wants to be governed by the dota community

Have you seen our website

And you continue to dutifully post under the epok & slowdive regime. Looks like it's working.

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Why bother pandering to Reddit when you can put them directly in the driver's seat?

I'm running for DotA Governor on a progressive end racism against Peruvians platform


I'm voting for whichever candidate promises to end the MMR deficit with China

I have a novel idea: the only heuristic for matching players should be based a weighted point-based system not dissimilar to a chess rank which was invented like 80 years ago.


I think it's better to let humans arbitrarily decide skill level on how they feel and form cliques and for people to get butt-hurt because it creates drama and beef


I promise to reform illegal dota server migration by renegotiating NADA, allowing seasonal workers to play on north american servers during dota droughts and provide a path to citizenship for exceptional peruvians by expanding the number of EB-1 visas granted.

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That'd be nice, but lobbies aren't coming back because the powers that be don't want to encourage two-way communication with other human beings so the next best thing would be an unbiased skill ranking.

it's quite odd that people que up to play a video game with other humans and then say or type nothing at each other for fear of being reported and cast into the shadow pool

I think they added lobbies, but nobody wants to use them or organize anything when it's so much easier for them to keep hitting a find match button like a junkie that drains their life force

it's only the sub 6k bracket salty in their dunning-krueger who complain about forced 50%

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That line isn’t even forced 50%

Then saying they try to give each team a 50% win rate is assumptive of the fact that everyone’s mmr is equal to their true skill, which at any given time is 100% untrue

The purpose of the match changing mmr is to move players mmr towards their true skill so that matches get more even over time

That’s what makes the whole “seasons” and having wild swings with recalibration retarded

dont worry we have enough data and big math skills now to make each teams have a 50% chance of winning at match start, thanks for feeding our beast by subbing to dota plus

Have you thought about just walking away from DotA and finding a new game to play instead of making these rage threads?

already have walked away. now i spend my time staring at my monitor, occasionally playing fortnite and risk of rain 2.

im trying to buy lots of crypto

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Also trying to buy lots of crypto

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Watching a lot of Minecraft youtube videos, trying to buy a lot of crypto

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For clarification I wasn't making an argument about forced 50/50 or that I'm not my real rank, rather that if Valve is typing 10 paragraphs about how they implemented their matchmaking system then they did something horribly wrong.


Trendy but wrong

I have a 10,000 behavior score. That means Valve's psychologists have analyzed me and found me to be the perfect teammate. I should not have to be subjected to cretins like the rest of you. You guys can all join in your low behavior score games with people jungling snipers and leveling global tp at level 1 to get the courier. I want no part in it; I will just play with myself.